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James Kasprzyk

James Kasprzyk, baritone saxophonist, is a founding member of the Chicago Saxophone Quartet and is recognized internationally as a pioneering baritone saxophone artist. His dedication to promoting the baritone saxophone and raising its performance level as a solo instrument has had a monumental impact on the instrument and his students since 1960. 

Mr. Kasprzyk holds both a Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music degrees from Northwestern University. In addition to an expansive private teaching studio, he has served on the faculties of Northwestern University, DePaul University, and as Assistant Professor of Saxophone at Vandercook College in Chicago. 

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Three Scarletti Sonatas

Three Scarlatti Sonatas

(SATB Quartet)

The Three Scarlatti Sonatas is a marvelously expressive musical piece that combines the intricate beauty of Scarlatti’s music with the unique sound of the Saxophone Quartet. When performed, it is a treat for the ears and the senses alike. Each movement has its own distinct character and emotive quality, making it a diverse and engaging musical experience.

Organ Fugue in E Minor

(SATB Quartet)

With its deeply complex and richly layered sounds, the Organ Fugue in E Minor is a fine musical composition. Its intricate structure and heavenly harmony make it a true masterpiece that captivates any audience. This piece is simply breathtaking.

Organ Fugue in E Minor

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